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As Güven (Trust) Copper Business and Co., our company, which started its activities in 1948 with the production of copper plate, developed over time and took the production of copper rolls and strips into its products’ range in 1993 and established Gemciler Güven Metal San. ve Tic. A.?. (Inc.)
Established with the aim of producing electrolytic copper and conductors, Gemciler Güven Metal San. ve Tic. A.?. has grown steadily with increasing investments every year and has become one of the leading companies of the Turkish industry as a leader in today's sector with contemporary and high technology applications.

Our company, which is one of the leading companies in its sector and aims to increase its profitability and productivity, has determined its purpose and mission as its policy in line with continuous improvement and quality principles in life. management, personnel, knowledge, the quality of the goods produced, machinery park expanding with new investments, to meet the increasingly growing production amount without sacrificing quality and to obtain an important place in the competitive environment. Gemciler Güven Metal San. Which keeps the demands and needs of its customers in the forefront in its work. Tic. AS takes care to keep the latest technologies in its place. Gemciler Güven Metal San. Which slogans its activities with technology-quality-trust words. Tic. A.? increases its investments, strengthens the existing machinery park and is proud of providing the best service to its customers.

The policy of our company; quality, productivity, high communication, business ethics, worker health, continuous improvement, manufacturing, idea respect, honesty, cost awareness, sharing and 'not me but us'. Gemciler Güven Metal San. ve Tic. A.?.’s some of the principles are to expand the domestic and international customer portfolio with the understanding of customer satisfaction, to increase the savings by producing the most appropriate product under the most economical conditions, to provide safe and high income to its employees and to establish a team spirit in its works. Gemciler Güven Metal San ve Tic. A.?. believes that quality and perfect service can only be possible with knowledge and experience and continues to work with professional staff and high technology machines at every stage of production.

R & D
R & D department has a special importance in Güven Metal San.ve Tic. A.?.. For this purpose, our company elaborates on followwing the latest technologies and implementing them. This is not just a requirement to produce a suitable strip and plate to the needs marketed by the industry; At the same time, it includes long-term works to compete in production of copper alloys.